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The Challenge :

In 2012, we were tasked with putting the elegance and sophistication of the BMW 7 Series into the hands of its intended audience and prospective buyers. The audience was men aged 40 to 50 who have busy careers and are difficult to connect with.

How did we do it?:

We created an innovative, first of its kind interactive solution inside iPad magazines. With the BMW 7 Series having every feature and renowned for its class we decided to use the line,"It doesn't need a single word to say it all."

Whilst swiping through articles in the iPad magazine the viewer came across the advertisement. When the viewer attempted to swipe again to move to the next page, the BMW 7 Series advertisement came to life.

By utilizing the iPad's gyroscope and magnetometer, the viewer could then explore the inside of the car with a full, experiential 360° capability.

Finally, you accept the offer to book a test drive.

What did we achieve?:

We reached 71 141 people. Of that, 64 669 interacted with the 360 degree panoramic scene giving this advertisement a 90,09% interaction rate. Average time spent on the advertisement was 1.44 minutes.

400 people booked a test drive.