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In line with Clover Dairy's recent rebranding of its product offering, and new positioning line, Way Better, we were tasked with creating a digital experiential home that would encourage consumers to engage with the brand and discover what sets its products apart.

Intended Audience:

Clover appeals to a wide demographic, but the audience for this site was defined as adults with a faster than average Internet connection. A mobile version was created to ensure greater reach for the lower LSM and less high-speed connected demographic.


The digital campaign, our most ambitious web-based project to date, was at the heart of a wider campaign, which included print ads, billboards, branded trucks, and packaging. It centred around, a site that brought to life Clover's fantastical, imaginary Milky Way. To inhabit this magical world of Clover, we created a cast of enchanting characters, each with a specific skill, who oversee every aspect of production and most importantly, add the secret Clover ingredient – love.

The site, which was created by several teams of designers, animators and visual effects artists, aimed to ensure ongoing engagement with the brand and educate visitors about the intrinsics of Clover. It also acted as a platform for consumers to meet and connect with each character and succeeded in bringing the Clover production process to life in a surprising and immersive way. In addition, we wanted to encourage people to download Clover material, thereby taking the brand further into their own worlds.

Our team painstakingly created four Clover worlds for visitors to explore. The end result was rich in unique detail, animation and sound, and drew visitors into an alternative reality, the likes of which are traditionally associated with television. 3D visual content was created specifically for the site to tell the story of Clover Dairy and convey the intrinsics of every product. Bespoke soundscapes were composed and recorded to add an extra dimension to the Milky Way and a narrator guided visitors on their journey of discovery. In line with the storytelling detail of the site, all copy was presented in the form of rhyming poems.

Visitors were directed to the site via standard and rich media banners. On entering the site, they immediately encountered the magical eye, a device that connected our world to the Milky Way and enabled them to explore the wonderful world of Clover and its delightful cast of characters. They could also download cellphone screensavers and desktop patterns and share the experience on social networks such as twitter and a branded Facebook channel.

To ensure greater reach for the lower LSM and less high-speed connected demographic, a mobile version of the site was also created.

A personalised viral video, featuring the phenomenal breakdancing talents of Thermo-Terry, one of the Milky Way’s inhabitants, was launched inside Facebook to drive traffic to the microsite. The video aimed to show that the makers of Clover are talented at everything they do. A strategic decision was taken to add an unexpected pop culture spin to the video to emphasise the fun, fresh nature of the brand.

Seeding took place via Clover's Facebook database, and members were invited to watch the video and share it with a friend via Facebook, at which point they entered a competition to win a small cash prize. To drive visitors from Facebook to the microsite, we offered them the opportunity to add a personal message into the video, when sending it from the site. By visiting the site, they were also able to double their chances of winning.

Results/ Outcomes:

In its first month, the average dwell time on the site was 11 minutes and 5 seconds. We also tracked 34% of visitors downloading material, extending the brand experience further than the site, while 50% of people who received the emailer introducing the viral component of the campaign clicked through to view the video.