• Ever ordered a Castle Lager and wondered
    how that refreshing taste was made?

    Take our brewery tour and wonder no more.

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  • Howzit, I'm Dennis da Silva, brewmaster at Newlands Brewery, Cape Town.

    To quote the legendary Frank Zappa: 'You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline.' Fortunately for South Africa, we have one of the finest national beers around - and the awards to prove it.

    Ready to find out how we get that perfect mix of taste and refreshment right time after time?

  • Castle Lager is brewed using four homegrown
    ingredients - barley, hops, maize and water.
    Okay, five if you add patience.

  • Malt is where our national beer's much-loved flavour comes from.

    Maize gives Castle Lager its light, refreshing finish that invites another.

    Hops are the female of the species Humulus lupulus which means 'wolf from the woods' – apt given the 'bite' of this plant. Hops add bitterness and aroma and act as a natural preservative.

    Water constitutes more than 90% of Castle Lager.

  • The Malting Process

    The malting process can get pretty technical. But since we're here to worry about the process and you're here to enjoy the refreshing end result. All you need to know is that we clean the barley, add water to it (steeping), let it grow (germination), and finally, pass warm air over it (kilning) to remove the water and stop the growth.

    How's that for a simple introduction to a
    complex process?

  • We start with malt and end with the pure,
    homegrown goodness of Castle Lager.

  • The Brewing Process

    Time is one of the most important ingredients in making South Africa's national beer – it takes a patient 18 days to brew Castle Lager.

    The brewing process starts in the malt mill, moves through a series of brewing apparatus, including the mash tun, lauter tun, wort kettle and fermentation tank, and ends in the bright beer tank with newly filtered Castle Lager.

    Along the way, we convert starch into sugars,
    add the hops and the yeast, and ensure
    the beer is clear and bright.

  • This is the final step in the process.

    From here, Castle Lager is distributed to the nation,
    so you can enjoy it ice-cold with mates. Inqaba!

  • The Packaging Process

    The end may be in sight, but that's no reason to rush the process.

    As with every other part of the journey, we carry out
    strict quality inspections to make sure that every
    bottle, can and keg of Castle Lager meets our
    impeccable standards.

  • How long does it take to brew Castle Lager?

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